Development Programmes

New Golfer Development Programme
This all inclusive program instills the fundamental techniques in building a strong foundation in your game. From swing mechanics and short game to mental approach and on-course game management, your instructor will set you on the right track to progress with your game.

Programme Content:
  • 6 Hours of Private or Group instruction
  • New Golfer Instruction Manual
  • Golf Proficiency Certificate on completion of 5 sessions of “Play with the Pro”
  • Optional “Practice with the Pro” sessions
  • Optional “Play with the Pro” sessions

Game Improvement Programme
Based on the depth of your requirement, choose your preferred duration of instruction from the following:
  • One Hour Private Lesson
  • 6 Hour Player Development Programme
  • 10 Hour Player Development Programme

Programme Content:
  • 6 or 10 Hours of Private Instruction
  • Video Analysis
  • Personalised Instruction Manual
  • Optional “Practice with the Pro” sessions
  • Optional “Play with the Pro” sessions

Optional sessions provide supervision during normal practice to progress at your own pace while making sure you do not slip back into practicing a fault!

Junior Player Development Programme
This programme contains a well structured curriculum that takes each student through 9 levels of learning. Each level gets progressively more detailed and demanding. Advancement to the next level requires students to pass both verbal and skill tests.

Students go through the fundamentals over a repetitive 5-week term. At the end of each term, students get full evaluation of their skill levels as they progress and begin advancing to the next level.

Programme Content:
  • Weekly 1 ½ hour Group Instruction
  • Academy shirts, caps, & backpack
  • Junior instruction Manual
  • Optional “Junior Practice with the Pro” sessions
  • Skills test at end of each term (as deemed appropriate)
  • Optional weekly 9-Hole “Junior Play with the Pro” (for student above Level 6 only)

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